What does Remission mean to you?

From something as simple as being able to brush your teeth, do the gardening or work full time, the word remission truly means different things to each of the 690,000 people in the UK living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), as well as their family and friends who see them coping with the disease daily.

It’s really easy to join our Remission Mission – simply take a photograph of yourself, upload it to the photo wall and tell us what remission means to you! The photo wall is open to everyone with RA, family members and friends, regardless of age.

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+ Soraya

Remission mean to me to be able to have a normal life as walking, moving from a chair easily .


+ Fiona Dunn

Remission means hope, a break from everything being so difficult. I've not experienced remission since diagnosis (severe RA) and it is my goal, something to look forward to.

Fiona Dunn

+ Sylvia

Enjoying an almost pain free life and doing things on impulse rather than wondering if you will be able to do it.


+ Clare

Being able to go out with my daughters - miss mother daughter shopping. Dancing, not just going out dancing but dancing to the radio. Being pain free


Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones

GP and TV Presenter

My patients being able to do all the things they want to do without their disease holding them back

+ Susan

Remission means me being able to say 'yes' to doing things with my family and friends, and being able to work without pain.


+ Nic

Being me. Being able to buy clothes and not having to think about buttons. Being able to wear any type of shoes. But mainly being pain free and being able to play with my granddaughter.


+ Mary

Being able to enjoy life and do what I want without my RA stopping me.


+ Dr Dave

Hearing that my patients are able to live day to day life as symptom free as possible

Dr Dave

Alice Peterson

Alice Peterson

Award Winning Author

Remission means feeling well and happy. It means a new life.

+ Lindsay

To be able to be a mum to my two gorgeous boys and do all the things with them that they want to do without being too sore or too tired


+ Russell

Being able to walk without pain in my hips.


+ Claire

Feeling like me again. Enjoying the sports I love again, socialising like me again, dressing like me again (not having to hide swollen knees and ankles).


+ Debbie

For my Dad not to be in pain


+ Glynis

I have just been laid of because of this and would love to go back to work, I wish I could do the things I used to like horse riding and just having fun with my grandchildren x


+ Catherine

Being painfree and more mobile and able to go on my knees on the floor to play with my grandsons


+ Eve

Being able to get out of bed without gizmos and gadgets and half axtonne of drugs.


+ Michael

I don't notice I have knees


+ Lesley

To have a day when I don't feel utterly exhausted and sore.


+ Heather

21 years without remission, though biologic therapy has helped maintain a manageable lifestyle.


+ Alison

For me remission means that I can do the things that a healthy person can. Go to work, study, do my own shopping and clean my own house. Most importantly it means that I can be a mum to my 4 kids!


+ Linda

Remission means not feeling overwhelmed every day. Not being in pain and feeling like a failure because I'm struggling to work & just live my life. To dance with my husband & walk with my dog!


RA Guy

RA Guy

For me, remission would mean be being able to schedule social and other appointments before 12 noon!

+ Sam

Being able to go to work, to walk my dogs, all the normal things in life... my children not having to do everything for me.. to feel normal


+ Gail

It means being able to live my life pain free !! Its hard having an invisible disease - people do not understand they just associate RA with arthritis !! It is completely different for each person.


+ Jess

Going on a date and not thinking about the awkward moment he realises I have to use crutches to get around


+ Rosemary

Remission to me would mean more energy! I could be a hands on Nannie to my grandchildren. I would cook, clean, bathe , walk the dog, maybe even drive again if my deformed hands have no pain.


+ Sukhman

Remission means a patient who is free from pain, morning stiffness, joint symptoms; foremost they have very good function in terms of their activity levels.


+ Sarah

To get my life back and do the things I used to do without being in constant pain and being totally exhausted.


+ Katarzyna

Remission mean to me that I can finally follow my dreams.


+ Melanie

Remission for me means as little medication as possible needed for me to be pain free and healthy. To be able to live as normal life as possible, a good career, children etc.


+ Rebecca

To be able to have a baby :)


+ Claudette

Having my future back


+ Sharon

Waking up pain free and with enthusiasm for the day ahead. Being able to plan the day ahead and carry out most of what I'd planned.


+ Patricia

Being able to open my car door. :-(


+ Marguerite

Playing with my grandsons.


+ Nikki

Remission means being able to walk the dog, sleep with less pain, being able to paint and being able to get through a day without falling into hours of deep sleep.


+ Najla

It means me being able to work again, go out more and participate in all the events I want to.


+ Cheryle

It means going to the park with my kids